Coleção de estampas


cod. 23C02

About Spark

To adopt the form of other – environment, culture, space. To coexist and co-create. Spark is a minimalist, low-profile, abstract and nature inspired pattern collection, carefully developed to blend in with your home as life blends with nature.


Honrando a beleza de pertencer, Spark foi especialmente criada para se integrar à sua casa, não importa o design ou cor que você escolher. As estampas Damask Touch, Textured Nudge, Jewelry Glow, e Special Fragments were all inspired by a single maidenhair fern plant I photographed while in the Azores. They’re presented in subtle contrasts and earthy tones of green, blue, peach and warm gray that can easily complement existing décor and objects in both residential and commercial interiors.  Ler mais