Aline is a Brazilian surface pattern designer and illustrator based on Madeira. From this exuberant Portuguese archipelago, she creates prints and patterns for the home decor, wallpaper, textile, and stationery industries. Unveiling what’s behind the fixed forms is a joyful part of her creative process. It’s through expressive drawings, gestural lines, and abstract exploration that Aline gives room to a multitude of feelings, sensations, and hidden memories. Combining her preferred techniques – loose watercolor and ink pen applied to paper – with the inspiration from nature and simple things in life allows her to create versatile and ageless patterns that beautify homes and bring inspiration to daily life.


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I’m Aline, a surface pattern designer and illustrator on a mission to beautify daily life with inspiring, versatile, and ageless designs. It’s from sunny Madeira, a beautiful Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic, that I create artwork and patterns for fabrics, wallpapers, home décor, and stationery products.


For the last two years I lived on the road, traveling between islands of exuberant nature and multicultural and vibrant European cities – a rewarding experience that filled my soul and sketchbook with ideas and inspiration.


As a former architect, I love to put pen or paint on paper, combining detailed landscapes, architecture, botanicals, and peculiarities of nature with expressive drawings, gestural lines, and abstract exploration. Unveiling what is behind fixed forms, playing with scales, telling stories through the collections, and using nature-based color palettes is how I hope to instigate your creativity and imagination.


Attentive eyes will discover hidden elements in my Toile de Jouy patterns or find room to dream in more fluid compositions. Wondering about all the stories that will be created or imagined over the patterns and illustrations fills my heart with joy.


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My designs are available for license, exclusive and non-exclusively, and I warmly welcome new partnerships and collaborations. If you have the perfect product for my designs, I would love to hear from you!

You will find a sample of my work in the portfolio section. For a complete portfolio, or just to start a conversation, please, send me a message. I can’t wait to meet you!


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