Aline is a surface pattern designer and illustrator on the move. From the exuberant nature of a Portuguese archipelago to vibrant and multicultural cities like Berlin, she creates artworks and patterns for the home decor, textile, and stationery industries. Unveiling what’s behind the fixed forms is a joyful part of her creative process. It’s through expressive drawings, gestural lines, and abstract exploration that Aline gives room to a multitude of feelings, sensations, and hidden memories. Combining her preferred techniques – loose watercolor and ink pen applied to paper – with the inspiration from nature and simple things in life allows her to create versatile and ageless patterns that beautify homes and bring inspiration to daily life.


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I’m a surface pattern designer, illustrator and crafty woman that loves to grab some tools and create beautiful things. Born in a small town in Southern Brazil, I grew up seeing my mom and my grandmother knitting, crocheting, and exploring new recipes in the kitchen. This atmosphere gave me the freedom to be curious, creative and an endless desire to experiment. Even though art and design are passions I carry since childhood, I graduated and worked as an architect and urban planner for several years, moved from Brazil to Germany and then Portugal – huge detours before I was ready to embrace my artistic soul. And it has been magical. I cannot put in words all the sensations and the sense of realization that grows in me with every pattern I create. This new journey demands lightness of soul and is helping me slow down, appreciate the little details and look at everything with fresh eyes – a beautiful world of new possibilities.


In 2021 I started a travelling adventure with no final destination and no expiration date. From shades of blue of the mighty Atlantic and exuberant nature of a Portuguese archipelago, to vibrant and diverse cities like Berlin – it’s a road full of colors, stories, and lovely memories that I’m happy to translate into my designs. It’s mostly through loose watercolor and ink pen that I create artworks for products and companies in the home decor, textile, and stationery industries. I also like to explore the digitalization of random objects, especially when I know they’ll give me the gestural lines I’m looking for. Inspired by nature, by simple things in life and by my own journey, I’ve been drawing a variety of themes, from flowers, leaves and food to buildings and abstract compositions.


Exploring the perfect scenario and products for each artwork has been my happy rabbit hole. Especially when it comes to home decor – combining my expertise in architecture and interior design with my love for surface design has been an inevitable joy. My experience in architecture was very intense and I believe it has molded much of what I am today, even the way I see design, my perception of aesthetics and, consequently, the way I create my arts and the colors I choose.


When I’m not creating or crafting something, I’m either taking pictures out there, travelling (and taking pictures) or cooking (and taking pictures). Photography is one of my hobbies and often one of the starting points for my artworks. All this makes me confident that living on the road for a while was the best decision for this patch of my creative career. The new colors, textures, plants, people and animals that I’ve been meeting along the way – what a wonderful opportunity to feed my creative soul with inspiration and your eyes with new and beautiful designs.


You’re welcome to join me on this journey to a more fulfilling and creative life. You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. But it’s on my e-mail list that you’ll really find yourself being spoiled by me. 

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