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The files and their content are for personal use only. They can be used to showcase and promote your own designs on your website, online portfolio, and social media accounts (mockup files). Or printed out for personal use (printable files). They cannot be offered as freebies, free resources, or commercialized in any way. Please read carefully the "read me" file in the package you will download, if available.  This "read me" file contains detailed instructions on how to use the respective mockup. For further instructions, please read the "share the love" and "instructions" tab.

Finding the right image can be a big challenge sometimes. Luckily, brilliant photographers are providing us with stunning and varied images through free stock websites. Please, mention their names too when sharing your images, whenever possible.

When sharing on Instagram: Please include @alinebea and the photographer's name if indicated.

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How to use the Photoshop files.

Specific instructions are included with the printable files. Look for "more info" after the item description to access a blog post with tips on how to use and print them. 

If you have further questions about the files or how to use them, please send me a message and I will be happy to help.

Mockup file .psd

Wallpaper with cupboard

Living room scene, with cupboard and chair. Design application on wallpaper. 


. source image by Cup of Couple, Pexels

. pattern by Aline Bea (not included)

Mockup file .psd

Ceramic plates duo

Set of two ceramic plates – customization of design, colors, and background. 


. source image by Jean-Marc Vieregge, Unsplash

. pattern by Aline Bea (not included)

Mockup file .psd

Wallpaper home office

Home office scene with work station. Design application on wallpaper.


. source image by Hannah Busing, Unsplash

. pattern by Aline Bea (not included)

Mockup file .psd

pillow and wallpaper

Living room scene, with pillows and little flowers. Design application on wallpaper and front pillow. 


. source image by Artem Podrez, Pexels

. patterns by Aline Bea (not included)

Mockup file .psd

gift wrapping paper and tag

Gift paper and tag – customization of wrapping paper, tag, lace and background. 


. source image by Raelle Gann-Owens, Unsplash

. pattern and tag design by Aline Bea (not included)

Mockup file .psd

Wallpaper bedroom

Bedroom scene with bed and night stand. Design application on wallpaper.


. source image by Mk.s, Unsplash

. pattern by Aline Bea (not included)

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printable spice labels on spice jars over kitchen countertop
Printable file .pdf

Printable spice labels

Printable spice labels, three different layouts: minimalist, all-black, and patterned. Containing 24 spices each. 

antique wooden dressing table in front of a wall with patterned wallpaper on it
Mockup file .psd

Wallpaper dressing table

Moody and vintage wallpaper mockup file. Design customization and scene adjustments.

. image and mockup by Aline Bea

three gift cards and two tags alongside antique camera
Printable file .pdf

Gift Card and Tags

Printable floral gift cards and tags. Three different layouts for you to choose from. Alternative use as notecards e recipe logs. 

Geometric pen and pencil holders made of paper in different colors.
Printable template + tutorial file .pdf

paper pen and pencil holder

Geometric pen and pencil holder made of paper – diy. Include printable template and step-by-step tutorial on how to assemble. 

Cards and tags with colorful design resembling waves all around their margins.
Printable file .pdf

note cards and tags

Colorful, abstract and timeless, cards and tags. Groceries list, daily to-do reminders, greeting cards, possibilities are endless.

Greeting card faded behind "coming soon" words.
Mockup file .ai

coming next - Greeting card

Greeting card mockup Illustrator file is coming soon, exclusive for subscribers. 

Coming soon

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