Thirty Days of Flowers – my new pattern collection is here!

My new floral pattern collection is now live and ready to be printed onto beautiful products, to embellish inspiring homes and to dress you and fill your days with joy and enchantment. That’s the energy I’ve put into every one of the patterns and prints, and pretentious or not, that is what I’m releasing out there. Can you feel it?

This collection brings thirty different flowers, organized in eight patterns, seven supportive prints and offered in two colorways. With a twist in scale, they can suit a variety of products, from wallpaper and home décor objects to textile, stationery goods, and kitchenware. There’s no limit when it comes to flowers. And I made sure to bring them in colors and compositions that would never age.

thirty days of flowers

Pattern collection

1 Island
30 flowers
8 patterns
7 supportive prints
2 colorways
1 ocean of possibilities

The story behind the pattern collection

This collection was born with the first signs of Spring 2021, on São Miguel, a magical Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Having just arrived on this new land, being surrounded by an exuberant nature, and filled with joy and excitement for the new life ahead, I challenged myself to find a new flower or bud a day, for thirty days. I was spending mornings working in a beautiful garden, curiously observing the time of nature, and being gently surprised by it every day. I recorded these moments in videos and pictures and shared them on social media. The idea of translating these feelings, flowers and memories into a pattern collection came later, when I was already exploring another Azorean Island.

The design was in progress when I left peaceful Faial to land in the busy and diverse city of Berlin – how can one translate into the designs that calm and relaxed atmosphere of the days in the garden while everything around is noisy, vibrant, and energetic? You can’t. You invite that energy to the party. After all, where one inspiration ends and another begins is a question with no answer.

The design part of the collection was concluded in Berlin, between many walks in the park and cuddles with the furry friends we were pet sitting. The final adjustments were made in Germany’s capital, a fact I believe to have influenced the color palette’s choice, even if it was not intentional. And it’s from here, an already autumnal Amsterdam that I release these Azorean flowers (spiced by Berlin colors) to the world! Wow, these flowers sure travelled before getting here.

Thirty Days of Flowers surface pattern collection is available for license exclusively and non-exclusively. In the next weeks I’ll be pitching it together with my entire portfolio to companies I admire and would love to work with. Who knows where these flowers will land next? What an exciting journey!

I warmly invite you to check all the patterns, prints and colors of this collection in the portfolio section of my website. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated. 

Thirty different flowers, thirty reasons to invite Spring into your home and heart.

A sweet reminder to trust nature’s time and smell the flowers along the way.

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