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I’m Aline, a former architect that fell in love with surface pattern design, and has been on a mission to beautify daily life with versatile, inspiring, and ageless designs since then. Playing with scales, telling stories through the collections, and using nature-based color palettes is how I hope to instigate creativity and imagination.


All my designs are handmade created and reflect my professional experience and my passion for the natural world. It’s through the always evolving combination of traditional and digital methods that I nourish the expressive lines and imperfect little details that are so unique and inspiring.


The designs and illustrations are available for license exclusively and non-exclusively. If you would like something specific, have access to a complete portfolio, is interested in a collaboration or want to talk about licensing one of my designs, I would love to hear from you!


Pattern collection


To adopt the form of other – environment, culture, space.  To coexist and co-create.

Spark is a minimalist, low-profile, abstract and nature inspired pattern collection, carefully developed to blend in with your home as life blends with nature.

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