Six rolls of decorative wallpaper displaying designs from collection Spark by Aline Bea.

Meet Spark: a pattern collection that celebrates the beauty of belonging

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To adopt the form of other – environment, culture, space. To coexist and co-create. Spark is a minimalist, low-profile, abstract and nature inspired pattern collection, carefully developed to blend in with your home as life blends with nature.

Honoring the beauty of belonging, Spark was specially designed to integrate with your home, in any design or color you choose. The repeat patterns Damask Touch, Textured Nudge, Jewelry Glow, and Special Fragments were all inspired by a single maidenhair fern plant I photographed while in the Azores. They’re presented in subtle contrasts and earthy tones of green, blue, peach and warm gray that can easily complement existing décor and objects in both residential and commercial interiors.

Spark is composed by a set of delicate and modern seamless pattern designs that can easily complement a calming, soft and grounding aesthetic, adding a pinch of moody, romantic, and vintage feel to it. Showcasing pattern Textured Nudge and Damask Touch (cotton) on wallpaper and pillowcase

Behind the collection

For this collection I’ve put myself in the shoes of homeowners looking to decorate their homes and feeling overwhelmed by having to choose among so many designs for wallpaper, curtains, pillows, or bedding. How to pick the one wallpaper that will match the other objects and pieces of art in the room? How to change curtains without compromising the existing décor?

I’ve also considered the perspective of interior designers and decorators, reflecting on my own experiences as an architect. As designers, we always strive to add style, sophistication, and novelty to homes, offices, stores, and other commercial spaces, all while balancing our clients’ needs and preferences. And there’s nothing quite as effective for personalizing a room as a beautiful wallpaper or the perfect print on a comfy, cozy sofa. But the reality is, not all clients are open to bold, saturated prints, and some are not open to prints at all. They want something enduring, something they won’t tire of too quickly. Something that won’t necessitate a complete room makeover if they decide to swap out the living room couch or the office chairs next year.

And that’s how Spark was born: from researching trending styles and evergreen trends, finding inspiration in nature – a theme that never ages and is continually reintroduced in new ways – and analyzing the colors most commonly used in interiors. Resulting in delicate and modern designs that can easily complement a calming, soft and grounding aesthetic, adding a pinch of moody, romantic, and vintage feel to it. Specially suitable for a variety of décor styles: from Boho, to French country and mid-century modern interiors. So, if you are looking for a simple and time/cost effective way to add an extra spark to your home, this collection is for you.

Different patterns, different colors, same romantic, elegant, and soothing aesthetic. This bohemian meet vintage décor style is showcasing patterns Damask Touch (cotton), Jewelry Glow (mint tea) and Special Fragments (peach). 

Where to buy Spark

Some of the designs are available as eco-friendly wallpaper at Happywall (EU, US, AU) and as pillowcase, notebook covers and wrapping paper at Colab55 (BR). And they will soon be available as fabrics, curtains, bedding, and other home textiles in my to-be-launched Spoonflower shop (work in progress). If you’re interested in licensing Spark or discussing a collaboration, I’d love to hear from you!

I hope this low-profile pattern collection brings to your space the little spark you’re looking for. 

Bohemian, mid-century modern, grand millennial, French country, modern farmhouse; bedroom, nursery, or living room – no matter your home or commercial space, no matter the décor style, there’s a ‘Spark’ to fit any elegant, vintage, and romantic aesthetics. 

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