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Big little changes in the way I communicate with you

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In this post I’ll share about the big little changes I’ll start to implement in the way I communicate with you, including why I’m shifting my efforts away from third-party platforms (aka Instagram, the platform I’ve been mostly using).  Naturally, adopting new means also entails slightly different content, format, and new ways of serving you. Get to know what I’ve been planning for us, receive my kind invitation to explore new ways of connecting in the virtual world, and hopefully, get as excited as I am about what is coming. 

If you are a fellow creative, I hope this post helps you to feel less lonely, knowing there are others feeling the same need for changes in this field. May this reading give you some food for thought and maybe help you decide the best approach for your business, one that fits the life you’re trying to create.

This was not intended to be a post about social media, but I guess it’s impossible to write about communication without having this conversation. We have all directed so much of our efforts to social media tools in the past years, for marketing, finding an audience, meeting people, and connecting, that communicating looks almost impossible without it.

That talk about Instagram

I know, you know, it sucks.

Instagram is the platform I’ve been using to connect with you since the beginning. I’ve dedicated most of my communication efforts to it in these past two years. Most of you reading this post got to know me through the platform, and I’m forever grateful. For you and many other good friends I met there. But the fact that I’ve been avoiding Instagram lately means that I’m not reaching out to you as much as I would like to. It made me feel disconnected from you, which has been very uncomfortable. 

I barely see posts of people I opted to follow on my feed these days.  More and more I have been losing control of the kind of content I’m consuming while on the platform. This makes me feel manipulated. After all, I’m spending my time with things that some algorithm wants me to see. Or putting effort into creating valuable and inspiring content that most of my followers don’t get to see. And I’m not sure exactly why but scrolling my IG feed is making me feel drained and uninspired lately. Not nice, uh? 

Then there’s the (not so unreal) possibility of having your profile taken down without further notice. Or the uncertainty of the continuity of the platform. No, there are too many holes on this basket for me to continue putting so many eggs in it.

I want my work to be seen, but most importantly, I want it to happen in an inspiring place, surrounded by interesting people, exchanging, and nourishing solid connections in this virtual world. And building these meaningful relationships over some third parties’ platforms is not a good idea.

I’m not closing my Instagram account or abandoning it. I’m just shifting efforts. What you’ll see there from now on is a byproduct of the actions I’ve been taking in other virtual places. The visual content will stay the same, but the captions and conversations in general will be shorter. Instagram will continue to be a good place to follow my journey, to stay up to date on new designs, collections, and collaborations, and direct messages will always be replied to.  I’m just offering new and more reliable ways of connecting with me. In “places” that inspire me and where I can truly give the best I have to offer.

The big little changes

Here’s the plan: everything I put out there in the world will come first to my blog and newsletter. My latest designs, projects, collaborations, how life is going on my side, and some good new free resources I’ll start sharing with you (so excited about those!) – you’ll find them on here first.

My blog is the new Instagram

I even changed the layout of the blog page to a grid, so it looks more like the way you are used to seeing my content on the platform.

You’ll need to make the effort to visit my website though, which is not so straightforward as randomly seeing my content on your feed eventually. It requires a bit of intentionality on your part. And I know this is not for everyone. Don’t worry, you will always have me on Instagram too (if the algorithm decides to show you my content, of course). And if it is through social media that you want to connect with me, you’ll still get the headlines of what is happening, along with a gentle invitation to check my website every time something new and exciting is up. I’ll be doing the same on platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn. There will be signs all over calling you to check my website and blog for a deeper and more engaging conversation.

My e-mail list is the cherry on the cake

Once a month (or more when it’s a very exciting one), I’ll be sending a newsletter with small bites of life, designs, and collaborations, as well as links to blog posts you may have missed. You’ll get access to exclusive resources too, which I’ll not be offering anywhere else. This will be your direct line to me, and I hope to inspire you as much as I’m feeling inspired by the content reaching my inbox these days.

Did you roll your eyes when I said newsletter, just there? I get it; I was rolling them myself just a few months ago probably for the same reason: one more newsletter to read, great. But if you are open to it, let me quickly share what made me change my mind, and share some thoughts I have been entertaining and that led to these changes I’m proposing.

These “Instagram avoidance” times made me spend more time in my inbox, making me reflect on the kind of content I was receiving there. By doing a much-needed cleanup and intentionally inviting new newsletters and fellow creatives in, I was able to create a space that inspires me, a virtual corner that brings me joy and where I’ve been loving to spend time in. I even caught myself wanting to reply to some of these messages. Did you ever reply to a newsletter and randomly start a conversation with the person on the other side? It’s so liberating! Way more powerful for establishing meaningful connections than any social media platform. Our inbox is maybe the only place on the internet where we can still have some control over what we’re consuming and when we’re going to read the specific content. If you are not already taking care of this space of yours, I warmly invite you to try it out. You can start like me, going to the link in bio of the people or pages you follow on Instagram, chances are they have a link for their newsletter there. Sign up, stay around to get a few newsletters from them, and then decide if it’s something that is bringing you joy or information, or whatever YOU are looking for. If it’s not, just unsubscribe. This is your personal virtual address, your rules. And this is what makes it so special.

Summing up, I’m taking the leap and investing my communication efforts in my own channels, hoping that you and many others arriving soon will stay around just because it’s nice, joyful, and interesting. And the newsletter and blog are the most reliable and solid ways for me to offer you that. I have no idea where this will lead us or my business, but you and I will be the ones deciding directions, not some third-party algorithm. Isn’t that exciting? I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

And there is more.

New free resources

I’m planning to create and share more free resources with you, on a more frequent basis! Think about mockup files, printable, templates, and more. I’ll gather them all on a new page on my website, so it’s easier to find them. And some of these free resources will be available for subscribers only.

See you on Pinterest and LinkedIn too?

All the energy that Instagram was taking from me, I have been recharging on Pinterest. I just love how inspiring this platform still is, after so many years. If you are a visual person like me, you need to try it out. And if you are already on the platform, I warmly invite you to follow me and send me a message, so I can follow you back.

Oh, and I’ve been testing the grounds on LinkedIn too. I even created a business page for Aline Bea, so exciting! I’d love to connect with you there too. Here are the links: professional page and business page.

These little big changes imply a lot of adaptation on my side. I was already writing blogs and newsletters, but this whole thing takes it to a whole new level. So please, bear with me while I experiment with these new ways of communicating with you. And please, send me a message if you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback to share. I’m all ears.

Stay tuned! Exciting things are coming!

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