Graphic image with printable notecards and tags aligned to each other and in 45 degree rotation. The cards ad tags have colorful borders that resemble waves.

Printable notecards and tags for all occasions

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Here’s something to have around all year long, but I’m hoping it will be especially helpful during the upcoming gift-giving season. These printable notecards and tags are colorful and cheerful enough just leave them lying around your workspace or office; and they’re versatile and gender-neutral enough to be used for a variety of purposes. As notecards, for your reminders, to-do lists, shopping lists, you name it.

The .pdf file contains three different card layouts and one tag. They are presented in four different colors: blue, orange, green and yellow.  It includes tips for printing and cutting out the cards for a sharp finish and some suggestions on how to use them .

Notecards and tags with colorful abstract graphics around their borders, on top of a blank notebook, on a white table. On top of the table there is an open book and sun glasses.

Ideas on how to use these colorful cards and tags

  • As gift cards and tags – to complement your beautifully wrapped gift. They are especially nice for birthday presents. But they will add a special touch to any occasion, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day.
  • As greeting cards – add some nice words to that special person of yours.
  • As notecards – enough of writing notes on boring papers.
  • For shopping list.
  • For daily to-do lists.
  • For inspirational quotes, mantras, or personal reminders.
  • To write motivational messages for your students, if you are a teacher. The colorful and playful design is perfect for kids.

Tips on printing and cutting them

  • Print on a thicker paper, 180gr or more for a professional look.
  • Consider printing them at a printer shop, for more intense colors.
  • The printer shop could also cut them out for you, in a faster and more professional way.
  • If cutting at home, consider using a utility knife and a ruler. I added thin black lines in the borders – cut marks – to help you out.
  • If you feel confident with the scissors, I added enough borders in the tags for you to play around. Try cutting the border following the design curves, for instance, like the tag on the gift box in the image bellow.
Three gift tags with colorful graphic borders.

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I’m eager to see how these cards and tags have been useful to you! If you’re sharing yours on social media, don’t forget to tag me, or you can simply send me some photos. If you have any questions or need assistance with printing and cutting your cards and tags, let me know. I’m glad to help.

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Set of printable notecards and tags, alongside a gift box, wrapped on a wrapping paper with a lace and a tag on top. The Notecards and tags have a colorful graphic border around them.
  • .pdf file
  • Three card layouts
  • One tag layout
  • Four colors
  • Tips on how to print and cut them.

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