Several gift boxes wrapped on different decorative wrapping paper and a colored lace. The gift boxes are aligned on a diagonal grid.

Colab55 partnership: planners, wrapping paper and more

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I’m thrilled to announce that my designs are now available as wrapping papers, notebook and planner covers, stickers, greeting cards, and decorative tiles at Colab55

This Brazilian-based company and I share a history. I began selling my graphic design work on their platform even before I knew what surface pattern design was. I have always cherished the quality of their products and the support they extend to their designers, artists, and customers.

Here is a sneak peek of some of the products and artworks that are currently available. I’ll be regularly updating the selection with more designs and expanding the product range in the future.

Set of two notebooks with decorative patterns on their covers. The notebook on top has a geometric and colorful pattern over a dark background. The notebook below has a delicate floral design in light colors.
Sticker of a bouquet of different flowers over a dark background.
Gift box wrapped on a floral wrapping paper with a lace.

This partnership holds opportunities that are yet to be explored. I’ve just dipped my toes in the water and couldn’t resist creating complementary patterns for the free printable tags and cards I recently sent to my subscribers. Take a look at the image below and tell me if it wouldn’t make a lovely gift box for a friend. You can download and print the cards and tags from this link, and shop the notebook, card, and wrapping paper from this one.

Stationery set composed by a notebook with a colorful pattern in the cover, a gif box wrapped on a wrapping paper with the same pattern, a matching greeting card, and the printable notecards and tags. The set is over a clean background.

Colab55 is not offering global shipping at the moment. But I warmly encourage you to take a peek at my shop regardless – why not? By clicking on “favoritar” on my studio page or pressing the small heart on products and designs, you’ll be supporting my work (and making me smile). Do you know someone who would adore these products? Help me spread the word! You can share a link to this page, to my Colab55 studio, or share this Instagram post.

If you shop through this link, you can enjoy an R$10 discount on your first purchase. And this link will give you a 5% discount. Once a month, I’ll activate a special 15% discount for 48 hours. If you’d like to be notified when I do, just let me know.

Stay tuned for new designs coming soon!

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